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The Jumbo Gainer is a powerful carbohydrate-protein blend for muscle building. Sports nutrition is best suited for athletes with naturally lean physique (ectomorphs). The supplement contains large amounts of sugar. People who are prone to gaining extra pounds are not advised to purchase this gainer, since it will lead to an increase in body fat.

Jumbo Sports Nutrition is rich in protein, which ensures muscle growth. The protein component is the highest quality whey protein. It is distinguished by its fast absorption rate and high-quality amino acid composition. The main advantage of the gainer over other supplements is the carbohydrate matrix containing six different types of fast and slow acting carbohydrates. This allows you to feel a surge of strength and energy immediately after drinking the drink, and also prevents you from feeling tired for many hours, which is especially important for high-intensity workouts.

The effect of taking

The use of an American gainer leads to the following positive effects:

  • accelerates the growth of muscle mass and increases strength indicators;
  • improves performance in training;
  • suppresses catabolic processes;
  • promotes quick and high-quality recovery of the body after intense physical exertion.

The additive promotes weight gain. It is especially good for those people who are experiencing certain problems with a set of extra pounds.


One serving of the protein-carbohydrate mixture is 220 grams or 4.25 scoops. It contains 915 kilocalories, which contains:

  • carbohydrates – 150 g;
  • proteins – 50 g;
  • fats – 6 g;
  • sugar – 37 g;
  • dietary fiber – 5 g.

Along with the listed components, the carbohydrate matrix contains dextrose, maltodextrin, oat flour, Palatinose, Vitargo, fructose. The gainer also contains a creatine matrix (5 g), as well as a BCAA complex, flavors, and various sweeteners.

How to take Jumbo

Is it harmful to take protein at night

To gain weight, you need to consume one or two servings of the gainer per day. The exact dosage depends entirely on your calorie and protein requirements. To prepare a high-calorie cocktail, 4.25 scoops of the additive are diluted in half a liter of liquid. You can use low-fat milk or water. It is best to consume a gainer after completing a workout. On rest days, it is drunk in the morning between meals.

A whole serving of the supplement is difficult to digest. To avoid any digestive problems, it is strongly recommended to divide the recommended amount of the gainer by half and dilute it by 250-300 ml. The addition of other sports drugs can increase the effectiveness of sporpit. It is best to use creatine monohydrate or BCAA amino acids.

Jumbo is absolutely safe for the health of athletes, does not cause side effects. Only occasionally can it cause indigestion.