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The Vitabolic vitamin and mineral complex, produced by Biotech USA, was developed specifically for athletes. The peculiarities of physical activity, nutrition, the needs of people spending a lot of time in the gym were taken into account. Not only important components were selected, but also dosages so that the supplement was as balanced as possible.

The use of a mineral and vitamin supplement has the following beneficial effects on the exercising person:

  • accelerates the recovery process after training;
  • suppresses the negative effects on the body;
  • shows a high anabolic effect;
  • heals organs and systems.

Another positive influence is the strengthening of the protective functions of the body, as well as the prevention of obesity.


The American supplement contains four types of ingredients. These are antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, trace elements. One tablet allows the body to receive the dosage:

  • 5000ME vitamin A;
  • 250mg vitamin C;
  • 400ME vitamin D;
  • 100ME vitamin E;
  • 50mg thiamine;
  • 50mg riboflavin;
  • 50mg niacin;
  • 50mg vitamin B6;
  • 400μg folic acid
  • 200 μg vitamin B12;
  • 50mg pantothenic acid;
  • 150mg calcium;
  • 18mg iron;
  • 225 μg of iodine;
  • 100mg magnesium;
  • 2mg copper;
  • 10mg zinc;
  • 5mg manganese;
  • 10mg potassium;
  • 50mg choline;
  • 10mg inositol;
  • 30mg betaine;
  • 10mg bioflanoid complex;
  • 10mg complex from hesperidin.

The mineral and vitamin complex does not contain anything superfluous, but only. substances that have a positive effect on the health of an athlete. This makes the drug safe for human health. No side effects were noted. The main advantage of the supplement is not only this, but also the affordable cost.

How to take Vitabolic

The company’s specialists recommend taking no more than one tablet per day. Dragee should be drunk after a meal, singing well with water. The best time is morning, that is, breakfast. Mineral and vitamin complex goes well with other supplements. These are gainers, creatines, proteins, and so on. It all depends on what goals are being pursued. Biotech representatives offer the following options:

  • for weight gain with Hyper Mass 5000;
  • to increase strength indicators with Creatine 100% ;
  • to accelerate muscle gain and increase testosterone levels with Brutal Anadrol .

The sports supplement is equally beneficial for both men and women. It can be taken not only by those who are actively exercising, but also by ordinary people. The absence of any side effects allows you to drink the complex in short, long courses and even on an ongoing basis.


The American company Biotech is a time-tested and proven manufacturer of sports nutrition. Its products are always of high quality, efficiency and affordability compared to many other counterparts. The complex is quite popular, so there are a lot of reviews on various forums and online stores.

The overwhelming majority of comments are positive. People are talking about improved sleep and post-workout recovery. Some write that they did not notice any difference. There is nothing unusual about this. Only those who lacked minerals and vitamins feel a positive effect. Others can only notice the difference in endurance and faster recovery after the next training.