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QNT’s Fat Burner is one of the most popular products in its category in the sports nutrition market. The supplement from the Dutch manufacturer is highly regarded by both professional athletes and amateurs. It is an innovative product that offers athletes many options in the fight against subcutaneous fat and extra pounds. The secret lies in the composition, represented by a huge number of fat burning components. They suppress the feeling of hunger, force the fat to be utilized.

The Dutch manufacturer managed to find the optimal ratio of active ingredients. This combination has made Burner an innovative product. The main condition for taking this drug is the need to engage in regular physical activity. Each element present in the complex is highly effective, proven by numerous studies.


The daily dosage of the drug is 3 capsules. They contain only 13 calories, and the composition is presented:

  • protein – 1 g;
  • carbohydrates – 2.5 g;
  • 1-carnitine, which is an amino acid that helps transform fat into energy, as well as stimulates the production of growth hormone – 300 mg;
  • Guarana extract, which increases fat burning through energy consumption – 960 mg;
  • hydroxycitric acid, which reduces the deposition of fatty layers – 600 mg;
  • bitter orange, which is a natural fat burner – 150 mg;
  • apple lectin, which suppresses hunger and gives a feeling of fullness – 750 mg.

There are absolutely no extra additives in the supplement. Each component has one or another effect on fat burning processes in the body, dulls hunger. The latter is especially important for athletes during the drying phase or when following a diet.

How to take Burner

The manufacturer’s experts advise using one fat burner capsule three times a day together with a meal. Each pill is washed down with water. You can take a fat burner both on training and on rest days. You need to drink the supplement with a diet and regular exercise. Otherwise, there will be no effect. There are no “magic” pills, but it is Burner that makes it possible to more calmly endure the hardships in the diet, as well as to ensure that training will become more effective.

Taking this supplement should be combined with other sports complexes. If you want to get the best relief on drying, then consume additionally the BCAA complex, whey protein isolate, arginine, pre-workout complex, glutamine. To achieve the best fat burning effect, you should give preference to high-intensity training, and also do not forget about cardio.

The fat burner has not shown any side effects. It is completely safe for health, developed in accordance with all European standards, ideal for both beginners and professional athletes.


The additive is very popular, so you can find many reviews about it. European athletes write about the fat burner in a positive way, noting its affordable cost. However, if you carefully study the reviews, you can note their diversity. Some note an excellent fat burning effect, while others, on the contrary, complain about the lack of any positive effect, calling the supplement absolutely useless. This means that the drug is not suitable for everyone. How effective will it be? We’ll only have to check in person.

There are quite a few detailed reviews. Most athletes write that there will be no result if you do not follow a diet and do not exercise regularly. They advise those who are not ready for this to take more effective drugs without such strict “conventions”. Pure 1-carnitine is recommended by professionals because it is proven and scientifically based. There is no point in spending money on a more expensive supplement, since this substance works well and costs less.