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SAN BCAA Pro 5000 amino acid complex contains leucine, isoleucine, valine in a classic ratio of 2: 1: 1. The supplement also contains beta-alanine. The drug is actively taken both during the drying period and when gaining muscle mass. The sports supplement is very popular among professional flyers, it is considered one of the best among its analogues.

The effect of taking

The use of the amino acid complex with beta-alanine leads to the following positive effects:

  • muscle fatigue decreases;
  • the quality of recovery processes improves;
  • dry muscle mass increases and strength indicators improve;
  • endurance and energy potential increases;
  • the manifestation of catabolic processes decreases;
  • increases the effectiveness of other sports supplements by 40%.

The use of an amino acid supplement during recruitment is due to the fact that it promotes rapid weight gain and improves recovery, and on drying, the drug allows you not to lose muscle fibers during high-intensity workouts.


The recommended dosage of sports nutrition is 7 grams. She gives the athlete:

  • vitamin B6 – 2 mg;
  • leucine – 2.5 g;
  • isoleucine and valine – 1.25 g each;
  • beta-alanine – 0.75 g

The composition also contains flavors and sweeteners.

How to take BCAA Pro 5000 from SAN

The manufacturer recommends taking the amino acid supplement twice a day (7 g serving). Professionals advise consuming the supplement three times as this will increase the effectiveness of the supplement. Drink the drug in the morning, during and after training.

To prepare a serving, 7 grams of the substance (1 scoop) is diluted with 300-400 ml of liquid. Experienced athletes take the amino acid complex in conjunction with other sports nutrition. The choice depends on the purpose.

If you want to gain maximum muscle mass, use the supplement along with a protein shake or gainers. When you want to achieve high energy output during training, drink sports food with an energy drink or a pre-workout complex. To burn as much subcutaneous fat as possible, combine the formula with fat burners such as L-carnitine.

BCAA Pro 5000 Amino Acid Supplement does not require interruption or cycling. It can be taken on an ongoing basis. No side effects from use have been identified. The complex is absolutely safe. The only caveat concerns the dosage. More than 10 g at a time impairs the degree of absorption and assimilation of amino acids.


Sports nutrition, produced by SAN, enjoys a well-deserved popularity among athletes. This also applies to the amino acid complex. There are many reviews on the Internet from BCAA Pro 5000. Most athletes write about the complex in a positive way, noting its high efficiency and affordable cost.

SAN Amino Acids are available in two flavors – strawberry and fruit punch. Judging by the comments from the athletes, the punch option tastes better. Some people complain that it is too sugary-sweet, so they recommend lowering the concentration.