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Creakong Creatine Complex is a complex of tri-creatine citrate, creatine monohydrate, and creatine magnesium chelate. These are the three most highly effective forms of creatine. The sports supplement is taken with the aim of accelerating the growth of muscle mass and increasing strength indicators. It is intended for the period of mass recruitment, but not for drying. Creatine supplementation is popular with both professional and amateur athletes.

The effect of taking

The use of creatine sports nutrition allows you to get the following positive effects:

  • an increase in muscle mass together with an increase in strength indicators;
  • reducing catabolic manifestations, as well as accelerating recovery after intense training;
  • increased physical endurance.

The complex has many positive properties, but it has one significant drawback. It consists in the retention of a large amount of fluid by the body. This does not have any negative impact on men’s health, but it does affect the appearance. The athlete looks slightly puffy while taking the drug. The fluid accumulated in the muscles is gradually eliminated after the supplement is discontinued.


Each serving of the supplement is 4 g. It contains the following ingredients:

  • creatine monohydrate;
  • creatine magnesium chelate;
  • tri-creatine citrate.

The complex does not contain any extra ingredients.

How to take Mutant Creakong

Should I Cycle Creatine?

The manufacturer’s experts advise taking the supplement one serving per day. The best time is considered to be half an hour before the start of the class and the interval between meals. To prepare a portion, the powder is diluted with a glass of water or sweet juice. Adding sugar or eating something sweet can speed up the transport of the active substance to the muscles, since fast carbohydrates contribute to a better delivery of creatine to muscle fibers.

To increase the effectiveness of the use of creatine, it is recommended to take it together with other sports nutrition. The manufacturer’s experts recommend using the following combinations, depending on the desired purpose:

  • For gaining maximum mass with ectomorphs with gainers, for example, Mutant Mass .
  • With the aim of gaining lean muscle mass and increasing muscle mass indicators with Iso Surge protein.
  • To speed up recovery processes, suppress catabolism, and increase endurance on intense training, creatine is taken together with amino acids ( BCAA Caps ).
  • To increase performance during training with a pre-workout complex such as Madness.

It is possible to take Mutant Creakong on a regular basis, but experienced athletes are advised to take breaks, that is, use the supplement in courses. This is due to the side effect of “flooding”. Constant water retention in muscles, which does not always look beautiful. There is no harm to health.


Creatine supplement is in high demand among athletes, so there are a lot of reviews about the complex. The reviews write about the affordable cost and the absence of side effects. Many seasoned athletes recommend consuming with whey protein to accelerate recovery and muscle growth. Do not forget that it only works with regular exercise and proper nutrition.