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The complex protein Protein Power, produced by the American company Biotech USA, is intended for use by athletes both during the drying period and when gaining muscle mass. The sports supplement is based on whey protein, soy isolate, and calcium caseinate. The drug is intended for accelerated recruitment and restoration of muscle mass, enhancement of relief and strength indicators. The complex contains a large amount of carbohydrates, but a minimum of protein.

The effect of taking

Against the background of the athlete’s use of Protein Power, the following positive changes are noted:

  • decrease in catabolic processes;
  • increased muscle gain;
  • increase in strength indicators;
  • drawing the relief;
  • an increase in the charge of vivacity and energy.

Recovery processes after training are much faster.


Whey complex contains soy isolate, calcium caseinate, whey protein. These three types of protein are absorbed in the body at different rates and have different biological values. As part of the complex, they are combined into a common protein matrix, acting gradually.

The first to act after ingestion is whey protein, which supplies muscle fibers with amino acids in the first two hours. Caseinate, which acts for 6-7 hours, is the last to have an effect on the body. Nutrients are delivered over many hours, making the supplement effective.

One serving of the complex contains 30 g (124 kcal). This amount contains:

  • proteins – 22.5 g;
  • carbohydrates – 5.2 g;
  • fats – 1.5 g.

The complex contains the entire spectrum of essential amino acids, including the BCAA complex, as well as artificial sweeteners, flavors.

How to use

Protein Power is recommended for one to two servings every day. It all depends on the need for protein. It is best to take the supplement either in the morning or after completing your workout. To prepare a cocktail portion, 30 g of the mixture is diluted with 300 ml of milk, juice or water. You can add honey, bananas, jam, strawberries, cocoa to the drink.

Experienced athletes recommend adding other sports nutrition to Protein Power, for example, stimulants, creatine, amino acids, anabolic complexes. To gain maximum muscle mass and increase strength indicators, the specialists of the manufacturing company advise taking it at the same time as Creatine 100%.

There are no side effects after taking the supplement. The complex is absolutely safe. Some people may have digestive problems. In such cases, you should simply refuse to use the complex.