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A lot of guys, I don’t know about girls, have the notion of tattoos and bodybuilding inextricably linked to each other. Such an image always evokes the stereotype of a real strongman who is dangerous to deal with. Both bodybuilding and tattoos have a common motive – to make a man truly stand out from the crowd, to add masculinity and personality!

However, such a change in the appearance of the body does not fit into the framework of everyday aesthetics. Many people see the outer side of the coin, they see how you look from the outside, but do they know how much effort and persistence it took to achieve this look? Be that as it may, tattoos can not only be an independent image of your body, but also complement the image of the masculine muscularity of a true leader.

Tattoos and big muscles have one more thing in common – the number of misconceptions. In terms of the number of misconceptions on the subject of bodybuilding, competition can only be rivaled by the front of misconceptions on the subject of tattoos. By the will of fate, I am associated with both of these topics, and of course I have to listen to a barrage of ridiculous questions. Let’s deal with some of them.

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Tattooing and bodybuilding
Tattooing and bodybuilding

Muscle growth and tattoos

The skin stretches, but not on all parts of the body. For example, the biceps and triceps in general are not prone to stretching, stretched place near the armpits. If you pay attention to people who have changed their weight in a short period of time, stretch marks (stretch marks) are found exactly in the above-mentioned areas.

Even if you become a real Hulk, the chance that a tattoo will be spoiled is reduced to a negligible percentage of probability. If we are talking about ordinary people, a few centimeters will certainly not badly change the look of your bazooka, but it will hardly affect the tattoo itself. Jeez, your skin changes even on its own, at least just as you get older. If you really want the damn tattoo, then get one eventually!

Should you quit the gym while your tattoo is healing?

Tattoos and bodybuildingIt’s not that fundamental, but for the first time it’s better to really sit at home quietly while the drawing is quite fresh. Remember how on the previous workout you perfectly pumped those matches that you yourself call legs? Remember how they hurt the next day? So badly that even your mom told you not to go to school? That’s right, because even she understands the importance of recovery.

Don’t think this concept doesn’t apply to your skin, either. The important thing is how you take care of your tattoo for the first 10-15 days, that’s the most important thing. There is no special guarantee what your body will look like after your visits to the gym, similarly, no one will give a guarantee on the subject of your tattoo. Take care of it, keep it moisturized and don’t let the sun’s rays do their evil work.

My advice to you – give up working out at least for a few days. You can, of course, and not give them up at all, but you have to approach the matter with great care. If you did a tattoo on your arms – train your legs, and vice versa. Tattoo on the matches – train your abs. It’s as simple as that.

However, if you feel unwell, there is weakness and fatigue – do not go ahead. The body knows best how much rest and recovery it needs, regardless of what you’ve read in another article (including this one!). You have to push yourself – it’s a fact, but you shouldn’t deny your own intuition.

Can athletic fitness be affected?

Of course, it’s understandable that guys want to flaunt their hard-working muscles first and foremost, not some kind of drawing. Everyone’s hard work is priceless and should not be hidden behind some paint. However, I can assure you – tattoos and muscles are better friends! And there are many examples in life, take for example the famous actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed “The Rock”. Cool muscles always go well with a cool tattoo. The scale of the drawings should always match the scale of the muscle on which the tattooing mystery is performed. Just don’t try to make “pilot” tiny tattoos on big muscle groups – it looks strange at least.

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